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About Intermountain Express Transport

Intermountain Express Transport is a true family owned and operated business. Intermountain Express Transport was created in the Salt Lake Valley where we remain today.

Intermountain Express Transport  was founded in 2002 by John C. and Wendy Droubay.  John passed away in 2010 but the family has continued running the business and are very excited about the future.

John started the company with the premise to create a company that could provide the best specialized overnight transportation service in Utah.  Before starting Intermountain Express Transport, John and Wendy both had over 15 years of experience in specialized transportation services.  They took that knowledge and improved upon it.

Many customers had been asking for expedited delivery services to surrounding states, so they delivered precisely that. When they started Intermountain Express Transport, they designed a system that would provide customers with the services they had been looking for; pick up times that would allow them to be available to fulfill orders for their customers and still be able to deliver the product before the open of business the following day.  In subsequent years, Intermountain Express Transport has expanded in to additional cities and is continually improving and adapting to new technologies that become available for delivery services and freight tracking

John C. Droubay was actively involved in Intermountain Express Transport until his passing in 2010. He passed away as a result of Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer. He was very involved with the customers, and enjoyed working with them.  He felt like each customer was a friend.

Wendy Droubay is the current President and primary shareholder of Intermountain Express Transport.  Kerry Manis, a very close life long friend of John C Droubay , is the General Manager and is using his 30 years of transportation and customer relations experience to manage the day to day operations. Heidi Pitts and Chris Philip are also valued members of the management team that rally together the other employees and contractors that make Intermountain Express Transport able to provide quality expedited services to our customers and be able to adapt to the specific needs of each customer.
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